6 Nov 2013

Kids React to Gay Marriage

28 Aug 2013

Life in the generation: Let's get started.

Life in the generation: Let's get started.: How do you think of this generation? Its pretty messed up right.. i mean come on, these days you have to smile or say 'hi' to an eld...

15 Jun 2013

When life seems strange, is it really? When things don't go your way, do they really? When you think your life will always be the same, will it really? When you think you'll hurt forever, will you really? All these questions and so so so many more we ask ourselves every day but are they the questions we should be asking? In life I think there is only one question : "Does everything happen for a reason?" My answer is yes BUT for that to be true we can never give up on anything, we can never give up on ourselves, and we should never stop trying and fighting for our lives.

13 Jun 2013

Life's mysteries are all very different from each other. They are all one of a kind & unique in their own ways. Unfortunately most have given up on them. Why? Well because we do not see them. We are blind to them. The truth is there are millions of mysteries right before our eyes, waiting to be found, discovered, loved. Children see them all the time, and some time ago we as well have seen these mysteries but they are left forgotten little by little through the time we grow. Once upon a time we knew how to believe, have fun, enjoy life as it is because every little part of it, even the hardships bring joy to as in the end. Children can see the light in every little flower, bug, tree, building, every particle is so mysterious & exciting to them it's incredible. You have to agree even a child's smile is a mystery itself. Children believe in Santa, the tooth fairy, true love, superheroes, magic... Their belief is magic but once they start growing they stop believing and the magic starts to fade, they don't find joy from the hardships anymore, they start to give up on life. Most adults after reading this would disagree but any child would say it's true . Most adults have forgotten what real, true belief is, what real happiness is. Life should bring us happiness, we shouldn't have to look for it. So as I said there are so many mysteries right in front of us & one of those incredible mysteries is belief itself. Why? It is the key that opens the door to all the other never ending mysteries of life.

13 Feb 2013

There would be no love without hate, but love will always be stronger.

12 Oct 2012

Personally I don't like reading the news or watching it. Too boring and I bet there are others that think the same. So for the fun of it I decided to look at the news, just this time. The next thing I know I find out that people are eating cockroaches. So apparently a contest was held in Florida. So yeah sure a man won but was it worth his life? I don't think so. My question is...WHY???